Porque una vida con Dancausas cerca es mucho mejor. O no. Quién sabe.

Vampire Weekend interview with Much Music at Osheaga

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3 meses y medio…

3 meses y medio…

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“My favorite book,” Kit ponders. “It’s pretty morbid, really, but it’s1984’ by George Orwell. I love it, I’ve always loved it. I’ve read it numerous times. It’s given me paranoia about the world many times.” He cracks a smile. “And I loveCatcher in the Rye’. You know, I’m reading a lot of William Boyd at the moment. I go through different authors at different times. There’s a brilliant Scottish author called William Boyd, and he writes brilliantly- sort of profound but not in-your-face books…There’s one calledAny Human Heart’ which I’ve just read, which is amazing.(X)

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Jessica Day - PMSing

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Winter TimeGo on and grab your swordWe’re going to very, haunted landsWith Ghost the wolf And Jon the bastardThe deaths will never endWinter Time! 


Winter Time
Go on and grab your sword
We’re going to very, haunted lands
With Ghost the wolf
And Jon the bastard
The deaths will never end
Winter Time! 

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Modern Family: 4x5 - ‘Open House of Horrors’.

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